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Which of the following is true of transit shelter advertising?
A. It is allowed free of cost in cities with mass-transit systems.
B. It is an excellent complement to outdoor posters enabling total market coverage in a comprehensive outdoor program.
C. It involves paying a fee to have a product written into a movie or TV program.
D. It is extremely expensive as it is a relatively new out-of-home form of advertising.
E. It is restricted in business or residential areas of some countries.
Answer: B
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The _____, a type of out-of-home media, was conceived as advertising on the sides of tractor-trailer trucks.
A. terminal poster
B. spectacular
C. junior poster
D. mobile billboard
E. display panel
Answer: D
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Identify and describe the three phases of the strategic marketing process.
What will be an ideal response?
The three phases of the strategic marketing process are: planning, implementation, and evaluation. (1) The planning phase includes (a) situation (SWOT) analysis to identify industry trends, analyze competitors, assess own company, and research customer; (b) market-product focus and goal setting, which involves setting market and product goals, selecting target markets, finding points of difference, and positioning the product; and (c) marketing program development, which involves developing the marketing mix and the budget by estimating revenues, expenses, and profits. (2) The implementation phase involves (a) obtaining resources; (b) designing the marketing organization; (c) defining precise tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines; and (d) executing the marketing program. (3) The evaluation phase involves (a) comparing the results of the marketing program plans to the results achieved to identify deviations and (b) exploiting positive deviations or correcting negative ones. See Figure 2-6.
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The Cirque du Soleil fused elements of theater with traditional circus skills to create a whole new form of entertainment. Cirque du is an example of a:
A. New service for the currently served market
B. Major innovation
C. Service line extension
D. Style change
E. Service improvement
Answer: A
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All of the following are product-based advertising types EXCEPT
A. institutional advertising.
B. competitive advertising.
C. comparative advertising.
D. pioneering advertising.
E. cooperative advertising.
Answer: A
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Advertisers may also buy space on _____, generally for periods of 30 days, to display internally illuminated, two-sided posters positioned on the roofs.
A. basic bus
B. terminal posters
C. brand trains
D. inside cards
E. taxicab exteriors
Answer: E
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In transit advertising, which of the following holds true if an advertiser has bought a total bus?
A. The advertiser will obtain a 100 percent reach.
B. The advertiser has bought a full showing.
C. The advertiser has bought all the inside space on a group of buses.
D. The advertiser has bought an entire bus.
E. The advertiser has bought all the exterior space on a bus.
Answer: E
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A. is affected by the kind of competition in the target market.
B. is not affected by customer reactions.
C. includes markups and discounts, but not allowances and freight charges.
D. is the most important part of a marketing mix.
Answer: A
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All of the following statements regarding brand loyalty are true except
A. brand-loyal customers are unlikely to switch to competitor's brands.
B. firms tend to reward brand loyal customers with extra benefits.
C. brand-loyal customers generate positive word of mouth.
D. brand-loyal customers do not need persuasion to buy the firm's brands.
E. the marketing costs of reaching loyal customers are typically very high.
Answer: E
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The American Floral Council used an ad that showed three flower arrangements varying in size from a single rose to a very large elaborate arrangement. The caption simply read, "Just how mad is she?" This ad relies on which of the following situational influences for its effectiveness?
A. social surroundings
B. physical surroundings
C. psychological effects
D. purchase task
E. antecedent states
Answer: E
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Personal selling may lead to ethical problems. Which of the following is a reason for this?
A. Managers do not have complete control over the message conveyed by salespeople.
B. Personal selling does not encourage feedback from customers.
C. Personal selling does not have opportunities for two-way interaction.
D. Most personal sale situations demand unethical practices.
E. Many salespeople are compulsive talkers and they do not listen to customers.
Answer: A
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When a marketing executive advertises his product in a newspaper, the newspaper acts as a feedback channel.
Answer the following statement true (T) or false (F)

In this case, since the marketer is sending his message to his target audience through a newspaper, the newspaper acts as a message channel. Information about the effectiveness of the message does not flow from the receiver (the intended target) back to the information source for evaluation of the effectiveness of the process.
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Inside _____, a type of transit advertising, are usually larger than inside cards, but sizes vary. The end and side positions carry premium rates.
A. car-end posters
B. terminal posters
C. taxicab exteriors
D. junior panels
E. bus-o-rama signs
Answer: A
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_____ is/are a category of out-of-home media that includes bus and taxicab advertising.
A. Advertising specialty
B. Product placement
C. Yellow Pages
D. Transit advertising
E. Premiums
Answer: D
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One, two, and three sheet _____ are used as advertising media in many bus, subway, and commuter train stations.
A. mini-panels
B. transportation bulletins
C. primary panels
D. geographic bulletins
E. terminal posters
Answer: E
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The _____, a type of transit advertising, is placed above the seats and luggage area in a wall rack.
A. spectacular
B. outside poster
C. inside card
D. terminal poster
E. taxicab exterior
Answer: C
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A _____ offers a 5-by 11-foot printing area on a panel surface 6 feet high by 12 feet wide.
A. stock poster
B. thumbnail
C. junior panel
D. standard billboard
E. spectacular
Answer: C
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Giant electronic signs that incorporate movement, color, and flashy graphics to grab attention in high-traffic areas are known as _____.
A. stock posters
B. bulletin structures
C. brand trains
D. standard billboards
E. spectaculars
Answer: E
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Raycom Construction needs heavy-duty equipment to install a new pipeline in northern Alaska. After a vendor is chosen, Reginald will handle the paperwork and send out the purchase order. Reginald plays the role of ________ in the buying center.
A. initiator
B. user
C. influencer
D. gatekeeper
E. buyer
Answer: E
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Which of the following statements about the five stages in marketing evolution is true?
A. The production era was the first era to evolve.
B. The sales era continued until at least 1950 for most firms.
C. Few firms have graduated to the marketing company era.
D. In the marketing department era, firms began to do long-run planning.
Answer: B
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In the social consumer decision journey, which of the following objectives deals with marketers reacting to specific issues regarding the product or brand at a personal level?
A. respond
B. lead
C. amplify
D. monitor
E. benchmark
Answer: A
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